At RiskSOURCE we offer a special line of products through CRISISINSURED® that protects your business from emerging threats in today’s world.

Discover special coverage for today's threats.

Today’s businesses are faced with a wide range of threats that can take place at a moment’s notice, resulting in dire consequences to your business operations, reputation and revenue.  Our Crisis Management experts are on-hand to provide you with innovative solutions that can help you respond to a number of situations.

  • Active Shooter/Assailant
  • Epidemic/Pandemic Risk
  • Kidnap/Ransom
  • Biological Threats
  • Piracy
  • Cyber/Data Breach
  • Event Cancellation
  • Terrorism / Political Violence
  • Organized Crime

Customizable Planning Guides

Responding to an Active Shooter Event

An active shooter often happens quickly and is over within 10 to 15 minutes—before law enforcement arrives on the scene—individuals must be prepared both mentally and physically to respond to an active shooter situation.

Cyber Attacks

Businesses both large and small need to be proactive in order to protect against growing cyber threats. This planning guide is designed to help employers protect their business, information and customers from cyber threats.

Business Continuity

Use this customizable template to develop your business continuity plan to define how to respond to an emergency situation and establish recovery processes to restore critical business functions.

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