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As the cold weather continues, a lot of us will begin to experience some winter blues—otherwise known as seasonal depression. Symptoms of seasonal depression include sadness, lethargy and lacking motivation. Follow these six wellness tips to help you overcome the blues this winter:

  1. Get moving. Working out releases endorphins in your body that relieve stress and make you feel happy. Establishing a solid exercise regimen during the winter months is a tremendous way to combat depression.
  2. Practice meditation. Meditation can help relax your mind and body, which can increase happiness by decreasing feelings of stress. Meditation can also declutter your mind and increase concentration.
  3. Make changes to your diet. Avoid eating greasy, heavy foods that weigh you down and make you feel sluggish. Eat meals full of lean protein, fruits and vegetables to keep you feeling happy and energized.
  4. Stick to a sleep schedule. Sticking to a strict sleep schedule can ensure your brain and body are getting enough rest—getting at least seven hours of sleep can greatly enhance your mood and overall wellness.
  5. Have a good laugh. Laughter is believed to stimulate certain brain processes that can combat depressive symptoms. Watch a funny movie. Go see your favorite comedian. Get laughing!
  6. Take a vacation. Taking a break from your busy schedule during the winter months can greatly alleviate stress. Even a short weekend trip can leave you feeling recharged and ready to take on the weeks ahead.



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