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Insure Your Business Success

By December 14, 2019December 19th, 2019News

If you’re a sole proprietor or a small business, you may think you don’t need business insurance because you’re protected with personal coverage.  The reality is, when you provide a service or product, you could be one incident away from losing it all if you’re not properly insured.

Most smaller businesses go unprotected because they see insurance as an additional cost they can’t afford or they’re not sure where to start.  Depending on your type of business, you may be required by law to have specific policies.  All businesses, regardless of whether you’re working in the spare bedroom or leasing a storefront, should consider Business Insurance for liability coverage.

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At RiskSOURCE, we typically get a call when a small business owner is growing to the next level.  That’s an exciting time and they need to protect what they’ve worked so hard to create.  It’s my job to help them determine what they are legally required to have and what additional coverage will help safeguard the business.

If you’re anticipating growth in 2020, you may need a small business loan or to lease new space or equipment.  All of those things will require proof of insurance.  We can help you review contracts and tailor the general liability coverage and endorsement forms to meet complex needs and we’ll explain what those requirements mean for the operations of your business.

If 2020 means hiring new employees for your growth spurt, our agency can help by providing motor vehicle checks as part of your pre-hire screening and we’ll look at discounted rates for background checks and other screening services.  As your employee count continues to grow, our agency offers education series geared directly towards human resource topics including compliance, talent recruitment and retention.

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Small businesses are the backbone of our great economy and we can appreciate how hard it can be to run a business.  After all, we’re a small business too, and we’re here as a partner to your success.  How can I help?

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Mandy Frank

Account Manager

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