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The Time is Now – A Message From Our Leadership Team

We are witnessing a movement in America. We were given a front row seat, eight minutes and 46 seconds, to view firsthand the horrendous inequalities in our country and the view makes us furious. Black Americans did not need the visual reminder. They have been living with and fighting againstracism for centuries and they have struggled against disparities on every level.
We are heartbroken by the events that have led us to this point. We are also frustrated that little progress has been made to stamp out the injustices that our friends in the black community live with daily. Yet, this movement we’re experiencing feels different – it feels inspiring. People are coming together in protest and to shout in unison that Black Lives Matter! The time is now to harness this energy and create meaningful change that will end systemic racism in our country, our lives and in our hearts.
This movement must define the time in history where we rebuilt a system of anti-racism. We cannot squander the moment.
At RiskSOURCE, we will use the power of this movement to look inward and discover how we can be facilitators of change and we will look outward for opportunities to support change in our community. This will be done through our immediate and ongoing efforts:
  • Having open team discussions and conversations around unconscious bias and systemic racism.
  • Donating to the YWCA’s mission for racial justice
  • Continuing to seek opportunities to support Black owned businesses
  • Reaffirming our commitment to foster and cultivate a culture of diversity and inclusion
  • Abiding by our Code of Ethics to combat racism and discrimination within our company
Our company mission is to support our clients, coworkers and our community. Our values call on us to extend God’s love and grace to everyone. It does not discriminate. We will use these same tenets that have guided us in the past, to move us toward the future.
We offer our prayers to all that are hurting during this difficult time. We offer our support to raise racism awareness and to create real change – the time is now.
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