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Strategies to Reduce Stress & Anxiety in the Workplace Webinar

Anxiety and stress has a staggering cost in the workplace. It is the unspoken killer of productivity and personal well-being. This webinar will help you understand the impact that anxiety and stress has in the workplace and why offering a mental health component as an employee benefit is so critical.

Featured Speaker:

Evan Marcus, Founder @DillonMarcus
Evan Marcus, a three-time author, is the co-founder of DillonMarcus, a firm dedicated to helping leadership teams perform at a world-class level. Evan started experiencing anxiety in his early 20’s and has been on a personal and professional journey to help reduce anxiety in himself and others. In 1998, he was introduced to a Cognitive Behavioral Training (CBT) method taught by the non-profit Recovery International. DillonMarcus now holds the exclusive license to teach this method in the workplace. Evan has a master’s degree in Psychology and is a long-time student of mindfulness. Evan taught in the Rutgers University MBA program for nine years on courses ranging from Corporate Culture to Spirituality in Business.

What you will learn:

— The impact of stress and anxiety in the workplace
— What to look for when shopping for a mental health solution
— A proven, practical, 4-step method for reducing anxiety and stress in the workplace
— Why a mental health offering is critical component of any insurance benefit offering



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