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RiskSOURCE Switches Up CEO Role: “Right Person, Right Seat, Right Time”

CINCINNATI, OH — December 28, 2022 — RiskSOURCE, a Cincinnati-based insurance and risk management agency, has named current President, Amanda Shults, as President & CEO, effective January 1, 2023. Jonathan Theders, current CEO, will move into the role of Chief Growth Officer.

At RiskSOURCE, the philosophy of putting “the right person, in the right seat, at the right time” means putting people in roles where they bring the most value to the business today and into the future.

For Shults, who Theders says he’s really “been co-CEO’s with for a lot of years,” officially changing titles just made sense. For Theders, focusing more on mentoring their growing team of risk advisors and using his experience to help clients grow their businesses safely into the future is where his talents are best utilized.

Theders acknowledges, “it’s unusual in a family business to have an outside-the-family President. It’s also abnormal to have an owner of a company not hold the CEO title. At RiskSOURCE, we don’t really do things the way the book says, or the typical way. There’s always some kind of RiskSOURCE twist on what’s normal.”

RiskSOURCE has a different approach to servicing their clients than a typical insurance agency – they don’t just focus on insurance; they help clients proactively manage their risk and be growth-minded in thinking about their future.

“We’ve seen businesses, the world, and our lives becoming more complex – COVID especially showed us that. We’re seeing all these changes, and as a company that truly believes insurance alone is never enough, as a business that aspires to be the best company in the world, we realized that Jonathan could add the most value in the CGO role,” says Shults.

“It’s really about our values – one of which is teamwork. When you think about teamwork, as a team member, you play the position that you’re best at. Sometimes that can change.” According to Theders, “why Amanda and I work so well together is that we truly live and breathe the six RiskSOURCE values. We never waiver from those six and we hold each other accountable to those. We’re always striving to be better. Whatever’s expected, we’re going to be better than what’s expected.”

In addition to staying true to their values, having an open environment that encourages people to take initiative and voice their opinion is a big part of RiskSOURCE’s award-winning culture – they are a 2022 Goering Center Family & Private Business Awards Honoree for the ‘Power of Culture,’ and a Business Courier Best Places to Work Winner in 2022, for the seventh time.

“When you have this kind of culture, you see people visibly growing, so that is why they are usually active in a role before they’re officially in the role,” says Shults. “There’s been many times before where that’s how somebody has been seen for an opportunity in this organization.”

“We’ve always strived to hire people better than ourselves, to elevate us,” shares Theders. “There’s very little ego. I’m excited to get my hands a little dirtier by being more involved in the day-to-day support of the team. I’m really excited to see Amanda in the CEO role, to see what she comes up with from the 30,000-foot view.”

For Shults, “seeing the business from a different vantage point is going to be fun. The shift of focus will allow me to more effectively, and more efficiently, make sure people have everything that they need to do their jobs the best that they can, so I’m excited about that. I’ll be able to involve myself at that higher level with more associates and more initiatives, and make sure that I can give people the support and the resources that they need to continue driving forward.”

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Amanda Shults, President & CEO, (513) 644-1278,

About RiskSOURCE Clark-Theders:

RiskSOURCE Clark-Theders is an independent, family-owned and operated, risk management firm providing insurance coverage for businesses and individuals. Founded in 1977, RiskSOURCE goes beyond insurance by looking out for the best interests of their clients, their team, and their community in the Cincinnati, Ohio and Knoxville, Tennessee areas. For more information, go to

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