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RiskSOURCE Runner-Up in Reach Out Lakota’s Corporate Food Fight

By July 8, 2021July 28th, 2021News, RiskSOURCE Cares
Group Photo

For our Q2 RiskSOURCE Cares initiative, we competed in Reach Out Lakota’s Corporate Food Fight. The Corporate Food Fight is a challenge for businesses in West Chester & Liberty Township to collect as much food, or raise as much money, as possible from June 1st through June 25th.

We love a good competition around here! Our five RiskSOURCE Cares teams went up against each other, collecting 806 items and $50. With every dollar donated counting as 3 pounds of food, we finished the fight weighing in at 956 pounds!

Here’s what two Reach Out Lakota volunteers had to say about our collective efforts – “I can’t believe how much you all collected!”  “Praise God, our shelves were almost bare.”


Summer brings an increased demand for the food pantry at Reach Out Lakota, along with decreased donations. The Corporate Food Fight is crucial to restocking for the busy summer months. 1 in 6 individuals, including 1 out of 4 children, face food insecurity in Southeast Ohio. While our team finished 2nd in the challenge, it is always a win when we can live our values by serving the communities we live and work in.

Learn more about our RiskSOURCE Cares program.

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