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Jean Says What? January 2023

By January 6, 2023News, Personal Insurance

First off, Happy New Year! I’m excited for what lies ahead in 2023. I hope that this newsletter is helpful to you. My goal is to provide you with insight and advice on insurance related topics to help you protect what matters most. I spent a lot of valuable time with my family over the holidays. I also helped several clients deal with the aftermath of the severe winter storm that we experienced in this region.

Recent claims for frozen/burst pipes have home and renter’s contents coverage limits on my mind. A great way to make sure that you have the proper limit is to make a list of everything in your home and “shop” for it online to find out the replacement cost. Remember, even if some of your belongings are older or were given to you, contents coverage limits should be based on the replacement cost, meaning what it would cost you to go out and purchase them today. All of the little things add up more than you may think.

Insurance helps us protect the important things in our life – our major assets, and our family and ourselves from liability. Insurance is part of planning for financial security, and so is estate planning. I cannot emphasize enough just how important estate planning is. Get your ducks in a row – the big ones are have a will, designate a healthcare Power of Attorney, make sure whoever needs access to your accounts will be able to access them, and let your loved ones know your wishes. This will prevent a lot of stress, and potentially legal problems, in what will already be a difficult time for those you love. We offer a great guide to help with estate planning: Did I Forget to Mention? from Barb Markey. If you would like us to send you a copy, please EMAIL US with your name and address to request one.

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