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Get Ready For Safety!

By March 13, 2019 News

There’s one thing that most injuries have in common, 20/20 hindsight AFTER the fact.  I should have straightened that ladder, I could’ve put on those safety goggles, or the one most of us are familiar with, I would have waited for someone to lend a hand but…

When the weather starts to warm up and our cabin fever subsides, we kick it into high gear and start tackling projects around the house or in the yard.  The two most common injuries for home related projects are skin lacerations from working with sharp objects and trauma related to a fall.  Before you break out the saw or ladder, make sure you’re not cutting safety corners and if you need help, ask for it.  A pound of prevention, or in this case, project planning, can save you from aggravation and injury.

Workplace Injuries also increase during the warmer months.  March is the perfect time to brush up on OSHA training and to make sure your safety procedures are in place and updated.  A worker’s comp injury is not only painful and demoralizing to the injured but it can have a direct impact on the business too.  The more proactive and informed you can be, the better.

Have a process in place for immediate treatment of the injury and have a return to work program outlined.  File the claim accurately and timely.  Statistics show that the longer you wait the higher your claim will be and the longer an employee is out of work, the higher the chance they will never return.

At RiskSOURCE, we’re all about discovering possible risks and preventing injury before it happens.  We also help commercial clients make sure they’re ready if something does happen.

Whether you’re at work or at home, think safety when you’re around machinery, dealing with electricity or climbing.  If you see a potential risk, an unsafe work environment or unsafe practice– say something.

Enjoy the spring weather and be safe!

[Check out our March issue of @RiskSOURCE]


Noah Goodwin

Client Relations Manager