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Food Inequality and Racial Injustices are a Focus for RiskSOURCE

RiskSOURCE Clark-Theders, a Cincinnati based commercial and personal insurance provider, is using their RiskSOURCE Cares program to address some of the issues facing our country.

As an organization that supports racial equality and a diverse workplace, RiskSOURCE has committed $7,500 to community programs that help minorities. Recipients include the YWCA of Cincinnati and MORTAR, a local organization that assists marginalized communities with starting and running successful businesses. RiskSOURCE has also made a donation to the YWCA in Knoxville, Tennessee where they have a second location.

One fallout of COVID-19 is food insecurity. RiskSOURCE has contributed $2,500 to Childhood Food Solutions so that they can continue to provide elementary-aged children with sacks of groceries to take home to their families.

“This is a time, more than ever, when we have to come together and support our local communities and the people that are struggling right now,” says Amanda Shults, RiskSOURCE President. “We have always been an organization that focuses on providing our team with a caring work culture and we do this through our RiskSOURCE Cares program.”

The RiskSOURCE Cares program is centered around creating a caring work culture by providing team members with opportunities to give back. Each year, employees receive 30 hours to volunteer in the community. Due to COVID-19, volunteer hours are down, so the team has been more focused on how they can raise funds and support local charities from a distance.

Money raised through various fundraisers, which usually include friendly competitions among the team, are matched by RiskSOURCE. To learn more about RiskSOURCE Cares and the team contributions, visit

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