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Dee Dee Goes to Haiti

By August 2, 2017April 25th, 2018RiskSOURCE Cares
Dee Dee Goes to Haiti

As a RiskSOURCE team member, we are encouraged to give back to the community.  I would like to share a bit about a recent experience that I had with my daughter in Haiti.

My husband and I have always felt the importance of giving back to those less fortunate. When our daughter was about 8 we signed up through RiskSOURCE on a Saturday morning to help Hands against Hunger package meals.  They showed us a video of the hardship that the Haitian people face and why it is important for us to package high protein meals. With tears in her eyes, Kerala, looked at me and said, “Mom we have got to help these people, they should not be starving!”

Fast forward 8 years we were given the opportunity to participate through Lifeline and the Bright Christian Church to join a team and make a 10 day trek to Haiti, which occurs every two years. The first day in Haiti, we could join with members of the team and visit their sponsor child. They took us to the home that the sponsor family had provided the means to be built. Through the translator, the mother conveyed her appreciation and thankfulness that they were willing to help an unknown family with providing a home they could be proud of!  During those 10 days we assisted in building one of those homes, a 10 x 20, two room home, which would house 8 people. To see the look on the family’s face when their home was complete was love, respect and humbleness. We were able to participate in the Infant Nutrition Program where mothers brought their babies to be seen by the local doctor. Formula, cereal and vitamins were given to these infants. The Children’s Nutrition Program was similar but is geared towards the whole family. This was where our journey became full circle. That day we were able to distribute meal packages. To see the very thing that put the desire in Kerala’s heart to help feed them, was the very thing we were placing in their hands! Then onto the Children’s home we went. These are the children whose parents are still alive but cannot support them.

As a mother my prized possessions are my three children. It hurt my heart to think that these people who are my brothers and sisters in Christ love their children as much as we do but cannot provide for them. Oh what a blessing it was to see these children ranging from 3-21. They sang and performed for us as we in return had given them backpacks that had some necessities for them. As our journey began to wind down, team members who have sponsor children were given another chance to meet with their sponsor child and family  and give them gifts and get a chance to enjoy their company. My heart was so full to be able to witness all of this with my 16 year old daughter. Our hearts will forever be changed! As we boarded the plane in Port Au Prince for our departure, Kerala looked at me and said, “It’s going be a long two years!” She has already started saving for Haiti 2019!

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