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Have you ever been in the situation where you’re trying to make your way through the house in pitch dark?  It’s an odd sensation because you know the direction of where you need to go and you know what obstacles surround you, but still, you walk slowly.  One foot in front of the other, hoping not to stub a toe or step on something.  You rely on your memory to guide you.  You may put your arms out and reach for a wall, try to find a light switch or feel for something recognizable.  Walking slowly through the dark throws off the concept of space.  Everything seems farther away for some reason and you’re slightly disoriented as you fumble towards your destination.

The last several months have been slightly disorienting and now here we are, fumbling towards what our future will be.  As someone who likes a good plan, it truly is an odd sensation.

Yet, as someone who likes a good plan, I feel optimistic about the future possibilities and the resiliency of our region.  I’ve realized over the last few months that we have, knowingly and unknowingly, been planning for this disruption.  So I’m certain we’ll weather this transition phase.

We’ve spent years, decades even, building relationships with other businesses.  We developed partnerships that allowed us to rely on one another during this time.  Aligning ourselves with organizations, like chambers and the Goering Center for Family & Private Business, have made us stronger.  We were fortunate to be included in the various rallying calls that our business community sent out.  Sharing knowledge, combining resources and learning from others has proven priceless.  To be clear, we didn’t form these bonds with the mindset that we’d need to go through a pandemic together.  We formed these bonds because they make us stronger, and who couldn’t use an extra dose of strength in challenging times?


[We’ve built out a Return To Work resource page with planning tools to download.]


We pride ourselves in being a digital agency.  Our focus over the last 10 years on building a strong digital infrastructure, has paid off for our remote workforce and our ability to minimize business disruption.  Did we experience glitches?  Were some of the video conference meetings a little clunky?  Sure.  Fortunately, as an essential business, our team was able to overcome those initial challenges and continue providing services while remaining safely connected.

One of our most recent internal initiatives was to build out a solid leadership team.  This extends beyond management.  At RiskSOURCE, professional development for every team member is a top priority.   Right now, we have our “A Team” at all levels.  Everyone understands their contribution in achieving our overall goals, and that proved to be critical during this time.   We are proud of the team and appreciate how they banded together with a “whatever it takes” attitude to keep us moving forward, going above and beyond in serving our clients.

When the dust clears and we come up for air, we’ll take a closer look at all operations and determine where we hit the mark and reflect on where we could have done better.  For now, I want to appreciate what we accomplished.  Not just RiskSOURCE, but the collective we – including you.


[Five considerations to think about before reopening your businesses.]


We’re all eager to move forward, even if it means fumbling a bit.  That’s okay.  We’ll pass through this next phase on the same course, together, sharing and supporting each other.




Amanda Shults


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