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Why Our Marketing Message Matters to You

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re on our website.  So you may have noticed the message “Insurance Alone is Never Enough” or “Go Beyond.”  As clever as they are, they do have a deeper meaning that impacts your commercial and personal insurance.


We belong to the Beyond Insurance Global Network where the focus is shifted from buying insurance to understanding and managing the risks that impact your coverage.  Providing you with a policy is never enough for us.  We’re a partner that works with you to identify potential risks and then we create a plan to proactively address them.  We “Go Beyond” insurance.


Using an IQRM

For our commercial clients, we have a scientific approach to doing this.  We use an innovative, quantifiable risk assessment tool called the IQRM.  This tool consists of a systematic method to better understand the risk issues facing a company and industry.  It benchmarks performance against ideal industry standards and facilitates the implementation of risk control and mitigation strategies.  This is a complimentary service we provide. You pick a topic, we work together on the assessment, and then based on your score, we identify what your biggest risks or exposures are.


There are over 20 IQRMs that cover a variety of topics, from workplace safety to cyber liability, and each is developed by a subject matter expert.

See the list here and request a complimentary IQRM for your business.


Here are two recent examples of an IQRM in action:


#1.    We recently conducted a Fleet Safety IQRM with a client’s Fleet Director and their head of HR.  They had a specific desire to know if their fleet safety was worse or better than industry averages, but didn’t know how to track this.  Through the IQRM and conversation with the subject matter expert, we were able to develop quantifiable metrics that they could easily track and then compare to industry averages.  Although not the intent at the beginning of the process, we also improved some of their fleet processes when we found them to be substandard.


#2.  A CEO and the Director of Operations approached us because they knew they needed to formalize their disaster preparedness and had some good ideas, but had nothing in writing.  Through the Disaster Preparedness IQRM, we identified some critical areas of concern, discussed which options would be viable or not, provided a base template from which they could build the program, and offered specific guidance in certain areas so they could customize the template for their business.


We really do believe insurance alone is never enough.  At home or at work, there are underlying risks that we need to be made aware of.  With this awareness we can better protect ourselves, our businesses and our loved ones.


[Check out our July Newsletter @RiskSOURCE.]


Kasey Young

Client Relations Manager


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