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A Caring Culture by Design

By February 12, 2019February 14th, 2019News
2018 Best Places to Work

As an employee, I was proud last fall when RiskSOURCE received the Best Places to Work award, marking four consecutive years.  As holder of the HR baton, it was even sweeter because I know firsthand what goes into creating a work culture that nurtures the team.  It’s intentional and by design.

RiskSOURCE Cares is our overall culture plan that places emphasis on the health, well-being and quality of life of our team.  We have six areas of focus; social, community, environment, financial, physical & spiritual, and personal growth.  Under each area, we identify the initiatives that will help us follow through.

[We’ve captured all of the elements for the RiskSOURCE Cares plan in this one pager.]

We’re really passionate about our people, and the Cares plan helps us stay committed.  Some of the things we do include:

  • Providing Fitbits to keep active and have competitive step challenges
  • Lunch & Learns covering topics like stress, emotional wellness, or depression
  • Installing a treadmill desk that’s great for when you’re listening to a webinar
  • Gaining access to a Health Portal with a variety of wellness topics
  • Conducting biometric screenings annually so each team member has a baseline of their numbers and can monitor progress each year
  • Meeting with a dietician to develop a plan for making better food decisions
  • Educating associates on retirement planning and life insurance

As we all set goals towards being the best we can be, it’s important that we find support in the place where we spend the most time – the workplace.

We love to talk culture!  So if you’re ever looking to share ideas or need help finding a resource, give us a call.

[Check out our February issue of @RiskSOURCE]

Theresa Clayton

Director of Agency Operations






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