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RiskSOURCE Announces 2020 HR Lunch ‘n Learn Series

RiskSOURCE partners with HR Elements for our 2020 Lunch ‘n Learn Series.


Next year’s Lunch ‘n Learn series is centered around Humanity in the Workplace.  All four of the complimentary sessions will be held at the West Chester office of RiskSOURCE Clark-Theders and will be presented by Senior HR Advisor, Jamie Bierman of HR Elements.  The series is perfect for HR Managers, executives of small firms or anyone responsible for talent development.  Each session goes from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM and includes a boxed lunch.

Registration will open soon so save these dates!


Wednesday 2/19/20

Modeling the Way:  Leading with Values

Learn how to make your company values work for you! “Walking the talk” isn’t always easy as a leader…especially in times of stress, or discomfort. During this lunch and learn, we’ll discuss leadership strategies for bringing your company mission and values to life in all that you do!  Reinforce and model positive behavior for employees and even customers!

Wednesday 5/20/20

To Discuss or not to Discuss:  Performance & Compensation

It’s a question for the ages.  Do you discuss compensation during a performance review?  During this lunch and learn we’ll discuss pros and cons to both options available, there isn’t a right or wrong answer after all.  We will also cover ways to present compensation with employees along with how much to share about your company’s compensation structure

Wednesday 8/19/20

Writing SMART Goals Workshop

The art of creating SMART goals gets easier with practice!  During this workshop we’ll identify the components to creating well-written goals, practice creating SMART goals, and even come up with some for your organization.  This is the first step to a robust performance management system and engaged culture!  Come prepared with some goals you’d like to achieve for your company or department, and we’ll be there to make them SMART so they stick!

Wednesday 11/18/20

Policies that Support your Company Culture

If you dread reading company policy documents, you’re not alone.  While not entertaining, are crucial to supporting your culture and ensuring employees have a basis for understating operating standards.  Often, while explaining the who, what, where, when and why, we fail to ensure these standards align with our culture.  During this lunch and learn we’ll focus on identifying the non-negotiable rules and requirements for any organization while also focusing on where you can demonstrate your culture through your policies.  Topics discussed will include:

  • General Employment Policies and Handbooks
  • Work/Life Integration vs. Work/Life Balance
  • Communicating Accountability and Expectations vs. Micromanagement
  • Remote Work Assignments
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Presented by RiskSOURCE Clark-Theders in partnership with HR Elements.

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