Keep learning and growing with the RiskSOURCE Academy.  Here you have access to valuable education programs and resources including webinars, virtual courses, an online resource library.

RiskSOURCE provides customized programs for your workplace. Learn More

Symposiums & Lunch ‘N Learns

We regularly host HR focused lunch ‘n learns that are accredited and we offer an annual executive symposium to address the latest concerns facing the C-suite.


Virtual Learning & Webinars

RiskSOURCE, along with the Beyond Insurance Global Network, provide webinars and virtual learning opportunities throughout the year with professional speakers.

RiskSOURCE Connect

Sign up your employees in minutes for comprehensive and interactive online training courses.


Customize your content with RiskSOURCE Connect.

Sign up for RiskSOURCE Connect and get access to the HR Hotline, OSHA Logs, customized handbooks and an entire library of resources and tools.  Click on the screen below for an inside look.

Comprehensive employee training solutions are available online with the Learning Management System.

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